Steve started his career in broadcasting as a Writer/Producer/Editor in On-Air Television Promotions working for various television networks in the New York City market. Steve had to record his own ‘scratch’ voiceover tracks to the promos he was producing to present to clients before final approval and every client told Steve the same thing – “You should get into voiceovers!” So Steve made the move from behind the scenes to in front of the microphone!

Since then, Steve’s voice has been heard on commercials for Fisher-Price Toys, Dannon Yogurt, Pepsi, Ford Motor Company, Gulf Power; and promos for NBC, Food Network, Vevo.com and NBA-TV. Steve’s clients are continually impressed by his professionalism, dedication and his ability to make every recording session fun and incredibly efficient. Steve is a quick study and takes directions with ease.

Steve is based in the New York City market with his own Personal Professional Voice Over Studio complete with ISDN/Source Connect and Phone Patch capabilities, so Steve is available during both New York City and Los Angeles business hours.

Steve also currently performs improv in New York City with training from the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Peoples Improv Theater, Chicago City Limits and The Second City – Chicago.

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