Nov 152013

Okay, slating my name – and keeping it ‘conversational’.

“This is Steve Tardio…and this is my blog!”  WOO-HOO!!!  Hey, it’s not everyday I start a blog.  So what to talk about?  Well, after the past few years of working in the voiceover business, I’m sure many voiceover actors have felt the ‘pinch’ of this economy.  Maybe the auditions and bookings have been fewer and further between…?  Well, there are some things you can do during the ‘down time’ to make things start happening again (like starting a new blog!).  This past year was full of ups and downs.  Fortunately, the downs helped me figure out how to turn things around and make them ‘ups’.  So I said “Goodbye” to the toxic waste – “Goodbye” to the haters – cut out all the negative and didn’t look back.

As soon as that happened, some GREAT things have been happening!  I know, you hear about the ‘power of positive thinking’, and it does work!  Also, surrounding yourself with positive people.  Fortunately, the voiceover community is full of positive people who always want to help pay it forward to fellow colleagues.  When I was wondering what topics I could blog about, I decided I was going to talk about everyone I have met this year in this wonderful business.  I have to say I am very grateful to the people I have met and have helped me so far in this career – and I wish I met all of you when I was starting out in this business!  I met more colleagues this past year than I have over the past few years.  Hey – better late than never!

Who are these people I speak of, you ask?  We’re going to get to all of them – trust me!  They are all worth my mentioning and you all need to know who they are and how awesome they all are!

That’s all for now!  So goodbye for now from my first blog posting!  I’ll be back!