Nov 272013

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

So – what to be thankful for this year…?  I definitely want to pay it forward to all amazing people in the voiceover community that have helped me over the past year.

Some of the VO people that I’ve known for years are some great ‘Peeps’.  Let’s call them ‘VO Peeps’ – because that’s who they are!  Check out this great group of folks – THE VO PEEPS – The Global Networking For The Voiceover Community and here’s what they do…

Here’s the page that the amazing Anne Ganguzza – President/Founder of VO Peeps and Fellow Voiceover Talent – created for me…

The Peeps are dedicated to providing resources and information about the Voiceover, and related media, industries.  Their mission is not only to network with other voice over artists and industry professionals, but to provide continuing education initiatives focused on growing their members’ voiceover skills while enhancing their business model.  I’m very proud to now be part of this great group!

Okay – it’s Turkey Time!  Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and I’ll talk to you all soon!