Mar 072014

BLOG TIME! – I think all voiceover actors want to get on the radar of every casting director in every market.  I personally want my voiceover business to grow bicoastal between NYC and LA – and everywhere in-between – so I’m glad I have a home studio for that!  (I think a lot of voiceover talent in NYC want to move to LA for the warmer weather – especially after this winter – but that’s a different post for a different day!)

I always ask other people in this business what is the best way to get in contact with the right people who can audition and hire you.  I heard one answer on an episode of EAST WEST AUDIO BODY SHOP.


Ms. Kelly Passinault from “The Voicecaster” in Los Angeles was a guest on EWABS.  I asked Kelly what is the best/correct way for voiceover talent to contact casting directors in the hopes of getting on their radar for future jobs.  Kelly’s answer was that she prefers emails.  Also another great thing Kelly touched on was hearing Voice Talent from all around the country.  It’s not just limited to where her offices are in southern California.  Check out her answer in this EWABS clip right HERE.

So, my question is answered – so I have my email list together of casting directors, producers, creative directors, etc.  I have heard back from some of the emails I sent out, but it took a while.  PATIENCE is the key!
In January of last year, I went to a VO networking get-together.  I made quite a few contacts, got a nice collection of business cards, followed up with all of them a few days later…and I didn’t get called for a booking until September!  EIGHT MONTHS LATER!!!  It took a while, but it happened!
Yes, ‘Patience Is A Virtue’.  But while being patient, that doesn’t mean you sit back and wait for the phone to ring!  You have to keep pressing forward and keep busy making contacts.  If you don’t keep busy, the mind will wander towards, “why haven’t I heard back from anyone yet?”  Don’t think that way!  Your thoughts should be towards making the next contact…then the next one…and the next one…and so on…and so on…and so on…
I think we all know that a successful career in this business doesn’t happen overnight!  Patience and keep moving forward is the key!
See you all at my next blog posting!